2005 Xbox 360 Launch Team Edition Set

This is widely considered the rarest Xbox 360 model ever made, distributed to key members of Microsoft’s Xbox hardware development team. This specially colored 360 includes matching controller and HDD, a unique Dev Team serial number, as well as a special blueprints “I Made This” faceplate. Please note that the model featured here has fallen victim to the Red Ring of Death – I don’t know if opening the unit for a reflow would damage the serial number label, so you may want to ask the seller if you’re interested.

Auction Here

Other Auctions:

Mountain Dew And Doritos Xbox One Can And Bag – While the Xbox 360 launched with the beautiful dev team model shown above, the upcoming Xbox One is celebrating its arrival with… special edition Mountain Dew and Doritos. You have to admit, Microsoft knows its audience well!

FINAL FANTASY IX THE BOUNCER HOLOGRAM STANDEE – A unique lenticular store display that shows an ad for The Bouncer at one angle, and an ad for Final Fantasy IX from another. The outer carboard display seems to be designed so that the lenticular card can be swapped out for another card, but I haven’t seen any other cards for it personally.

Ace Combat Hori Flight stick PS2 COMPLETE + 3 flight sim games – An officially licensed Ace Combat flight stick that Hori made for the PS2. The seller is also bundling Ace Combat 4, Ace Combat 5, and Aero Elite Combat Academy with the flight stick.

Legend Of Zelda Board Game – A sealed copy of the famous Legend of Zelda board game by Milton Bradley. These games usually go for ridiculously high prices, so keep your eye on it

Nintendo Donkey kong jr Game and watch Panorama screen – Another example of the “panorama” model of Game & Watch previously mentioned.

F-ZERO X Expansion Kit Nintendo 64 DD – One of the most coveted games for the Nintendo 64 DD, this “expansion kit” for F-Zero X added an incredibly robst track editor, as well as several new tracks and songs. N64 DD not included!


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  1. $1,000 for a console with RROD seems insane…Brand new rare Colorware consoles (i.e. Skyrim edition) don’t even go for all that much more…

  2. This 360 model, although rare, could not be considered even among the top 5 rarest 360 systems.

    It has been for sale quite a few times on eBay and message boards, while there are certain editions with 5, 3 or even only one confirmed unit.

    • Exactly…I think the difference must be that those more rare versions don’t appeal to as large of a collector base, but I don’t really know.

      For example, I think there are only up to 5 or so of the Colorware Skyrim edition, but not everyone is interested in Skyrim…

      Either, way too rich for my blood, but like SpecialK said, someone is willing to pay for it–haha.

      • I cited the Skyrim console as one such console. I believe, although I could be wrong, that there were only a few of those made–like 4-5.

        Also, the Beatles console–I think 1-2 of those were made.

        There are tons of others with as few as 10 to as many as 500.

        Others that I’m unsure of numbers offhand: Batman Returns; 300; Simpsons (100, I think); Tomb Raider; Hitman Absolution; Halo 4 (not the retail version); 10 year anniversary console; GTA IV (500, I think); Alan Wake; Gears of War 2; Watchmen; DC comics; Gears of War 3; Minecraft; and a bunch more.

  3. I have one of these systems working with everything in mint condition including the famouse e305 faceplate on it and the i made this fa eplate in its original paczging unopened conta t me if interested at

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