Arcade Weekends

I would say the usual schpiel, but, uh….all you really need to do is scroll down a couple posts to read it.

arcade25-1 From Peru, Indiana: Konami’s Magic Sword, BIN at $575 or best offer, freight shipping possible.

arcade25-2 From Coweta, Oklahoma: Dig-Dug unit, BIN at $399 or best offer, freight shipping possible. Pump that Pooka!

arcade25-3 From Peru, Indiana: Frogger cocktail, BIN at $775 or best offer, freight shipping possible.

arcade25-4 From Peru, Indiana (most of what was available today is from the same seller): Just in time for the holidays, Turkey Hunting USA, BIN at $575 or best offer, freight shipping possible.

arcade25-5 From same seller: Galaga upright, BIN at $675 or best offer, freight shipping possible.

arcade25-6 From Mount Zion, Illinois: Battle Balls (hyuk hyuk), BIN at $275 or best offer, freight shipping possible.

arcade25-7 From Mount Zion, Illinois: Ms. Pac-Man, BIN at $750 or best offer, freight shipping possible. Sun-fried labeling but still works.

arcade25-8 From Peru, Indiana: Manx TT Superbike Twin dual racer. Will definitely be expired by the time you read this, but I just like the look of it.

Written by Torque Smacky

Other things I've done, written and pooped out can be found in one place: I am also the founder and editor of BANG! The Entertainment Paper, a Portland publication spotlighting creative talent.


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  1. I unfortunately have to agree. I wrote another post to fill the void. That was five days ago and he never showed up to put it on the site. By the time it appears all the auctions linked in it will be long done.

  2. Last I heard from Link was two weeks ago, apparently he said he wanted to sort out issues with the site (whatever that means). I’m ready and waiting for things to get back on track.

  3. I am just afraid due to the lack of comments on post and stuff I fear the people who write the post think they are doing it for nothing. I know I check the site almost on a regular bases. Also about a year ago link had a box of goodies he gave away when he was trying to get his kid voted in some photo contest and there was tons of activity on the site. Lets hope things change for the best or hopefully link will add another individual to accept post to be posted up

  4. Hi,

    I belong to those here who enjoy this site but remain silent most of the time. Just to let you know that we are missing your posts and we hope this site comes back alive soon.


  5. the site is dead n been so for many months. too bad as i viewd this daily.found some other sites that do the same thing and post game auctions so atleast i still get my daily feeds. ill come back in a month and see if anything budged

  6. Don’t know how much it counts, but I still check the site every day waiting for my go-ahead. I would be writing articles myself, but I don’t have publishing priveleges.

  7. It looks like we might of get some post in finally. I would love to see some post from you special K. Despite the lack of post recently I plan on still using this site frequently even in its down times like this.

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