Rise, From Your Grave!

Well, it looks like I’ve dragged myself out of whatever hole I have been hiding in to share a small bit of gaming goodness currently up for grabs on the grand ol site known as ebay! Pardon myself for being a bit rusty, but hopefully you’ll bear with me. I’ve been out of looking for anything interesting for a bit, so lets see what some of my old and outdated searches lead us to!

Behold! That which haunts my dreams at night most recently…these handmade Zelda clay figures are certainly something. The fact that I don’t recognize any of the characters except for the happy mask salesman makes me feel like I’m a bad Zelda fan…

Legend of Zelda LttP Shield Display: With the release of the new 3DS Link game, I would expect to see some high ticket Zelda items raise even a bit higher….it’s a shame there is some noticeable cosmetic damage to this, but these show up so infrequently that you can’t be too picky nowadays!

World of Nintendo Globe Sign: Does anyone else miss the gobs of World of Nintendo signage hanging in retail stores?

Super Mario 3 McDonald’s Store Display

Gameboy Color Ceiling Hanger System Display: I remember seeing these in retail stores and always imagined them landing on my head as I passed through….strangely enough, this never happened.

SNES & N64 Shelf Talkers

Some Terrible Genesis Sports Shelf Displays

13 Responses to “Rise, From Your Grave!”

  1. Is this our go-ahead to start writing articles again, Link?

    • I have publishing rights on here from a few years ago…saw there hasn’t been any posts in a while so I decided to try and post a bit…haven’t heard anything from Link lately though.

  2. Glad someones picking up the slack! Thanks for this i love the stuff you peeps find.

  3. welcome back 🙂

  4. Keep it up guys this site rocks.

  5. You’re my hero, Limbofunk. I haven’t heard anything from Link lately either though. Especially since he promised to pay me.

    • I’m with you on that one… oh, well, I may just write for the hell of it to keep the site alive! I love this stuff.

  6. Has anyone actually heard from Link at all? Like, is he still alive?

    • He’s alive. He’s made some random posts on FB this last week or so. I’ll reach out and see what’s up. I know his job can take him far from home, so maybe that’s in play.

  7. Hey… I’m the creator of those creations… My daughter, a HUGE Zelda fan is glad I still have them… Gonna probably list them again soon tho! Glad to be appreciated .

    • Sheila, that’s incredible! If you don’t mind, please send us a notification here when you do decide to list them. I know plenty of people on this site (myself included) would definitely be interested!

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