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Alright guys, here is the situation:

I do not have time to update the site right now. Two jobs, three kids, I just can’t spare even 20 minutes a day.

Secondly, the site no longer makes even the small income it once did, which we were using to pay a couple of writers as contributors to fill in when I didn’t have time.

As some of you suggested, surely people would contribute for free. To be honest, they do, but don’t stick around. Everyone eventually has to move on to different things, as did the other founder, Nicola. Part of this is my fault, as we never actually built a community around the site. It was just a place that people checked and then moved on to their regular haunts, be it NA, AA, DP or etc.

I appreciate Limbo for stepping in a making a few posts.

Until my situation changes, if anyone is interested in contributing, admining, or editing the site, please email me.

If I have outstanding business with anyone, again, please email me.

EDIT: Awesome comments. Nothing we having seen before. If nothing else, this site is notorious for attracting trolls.

Again, the site isn’t dead, just briefly on hiatus.


  1. Take your time and update when you can. That’s it i bet. At least i do it that way, i am funding all by myself though

  2. While getting paid would certainly be helpful, I’ll also do my best to write some filler article during the hiatus downtime, IF Limbo is up to the task of publishing/if I’m given publishing rights. Do you think either of those things could happen?

  3. wow @ these comments

    I’m surprised you would pay people to post. Surely there’s people that really enjoy video game auctions and would post in a semi-professional manner for free.

    • For the time being, count me as one. I enjoy the work I do here, I just don’t know if I’ll be able to prioritize it as much with my current schedule. I certainly have the intent to keep writing as soon as I’m able to self-publish my posts or can rely on someone to do so for me.

  4. Well whatever it is, I enjoy(ed) this site. I hope the people, like myself, who used to (still do?) send auctions in when they see ’em, will continue to do so for nothing more than a love of the hobby.

    @Link: +1 for work/life balance.

    It’d be a shame if this site didn’t keep going. It’s definitely at the top of its field.

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