Mario Makes Bank!

This Dr. Mario coin bank is one of the nicest Dr. Mario accessories I’ve seen. And it is musical! There isn’t a large amount of merchandise floating around out there for the game, so this could definitely be the focal point for a tried and true Dr Mario fan’s collection. I really wish they had made a replica of Mario’s degree from becoming a doctor as a promo item, that would have been great! He does have a PHD…..right? Anyhow, there were a few other banks currently on the bay that caught my attention.

Donkey Kong Arcade Bank

Super Mario Bank

Mario Kart in the 1940’s?: Let your imaginations soar…

Sonic on a Toilet

Halo Spartan Bank

Nina from Tekken: Nothing like a bust of a chick with a vacant stare and no arms.



4 Responses to “Mario Makes Bank!”

  1. These are really awesome!!

  2. Limbo funk come back!! Post more links 🙂

  3. Is this Dr. Mario bank for sale?

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