Chuck Yeager’s Fighter Combat Limited Edition 9/10 Nintendo NES Game

Up for auction is a limited edition copy of Chuck Yeager’s Fighter Combat for the original Nintendo Entertainment System!  Included in the auction are:

– 1 Chuck Yeager’s Fighter Combat Nintendo Entertainment System Game Cartridge with Special Artwork, hand numbered #9.
– 1 Flight Case that looks remarkably similar to a lunchbox, hand numbered  #9.  The Flight Case has stickers on both sides.
– 1 Standard Issue Barf Bag.
– 1 Confidential VHS tape that contains roughly 4 minutes of Unreleased footage of Chuck Yeager’s Fighter Combat from an earlier build! This footage was originally purchased with the prototype and contains graphics not found in the final version.

Only 150 copies of Chuck Yeager’s Fighter Combat were originally produced, and of those 150 only the first 10 were created in these limited edition flight cases.  Don’t miss your chance on owning a limited release for the NES!

Auction Here

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