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Retro Sports Video Game Collectors Items

So, how is everyone here liking Fifa 15? I heard that EA made some big changes with the Ignite engine in last year’s version. I also heard that Fifa 15’s version of Ignite is even better than last year, and the graphics look more realistic than ever. What’s even better is that EA finally brought their ‘next gen’ engine to the PC version making the three big gaming platforms equal across the board.

I found this forum dedicated to free Fifa themed giveaways. The forum chooses random winners for a free copy of the game. You have to sign up for a free membership to enter. If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of FIFA 15, we have links for the PS 4, XBOX One, and PC versions.

So far, I’ve heard really great things about the new Fifa. Much like the endless surge of Madden regurgitation, Fifa 15 doesn’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, the developers added polish to an already awesome system in the form of intricate details and refinement to the game’s physics. Anyways, the game works for me. I’ve enjoyed it so far, even if it feels like it retreads much of the same ground as last year. However, I began to think about making a post covering some of what I consider to be my all time favorite retro sports video game collectors items from the past. Some of these treasures go pretty far back in the past. Enjoy, and good luck hunting! Don’t forget to comment about Fifa!
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  • Electronic Pocket Football by Tiger – This bad boy is straight out of 1987. We should note that they are becoming increasingly rare and more expensive as time passes on. I can remember wasting so much time playing this game as a kid. Believe it or not but the handheld actually features a two player mode and 6 levels of difficulty. You control a Quarterback who can either scramble or pass down field. Madden this is not. Still, it’s a valuable piece of video game history. Personally, it makes me nostalgic for a time when I occupied my life with simpler things. Check it out in all of its super dull glory in the video below.
  • Madden 2005 – Longtime Madden football fans widely consider the 2004 edition to the best version with the biggest advancements to the game’s engine at the time. The ’05 saw a slew of new features to defense, graphics, physics and other options. Madden 05 represents a time before EA became the bad guys in the market by using their money and power to totally cut NFL 2k5 out of the picture using an exclusive rights contract with the NFL. The ensuing Madden games following this one were pretty much sloppy re-releases full of bugs and half hearted roster updates. Basically, Madden became a cash cow for EA and wouldn’t see significant changes to its engine until Madden ’10/’11. The collector’s edition of Madden ’05 includes tons of additional goodies for you vintage Madden fans.
  • NBA Jam on the SNES and Genesis – This one goes without saying. NBA Jam threw all of the rules of Basketball out the window and started all over again. The game plays out in quick 3-on-3 matches. Much like later games such as NFL blitz, you could foul other players pretty much as much as you wish. The game has an awesome feel to it.
  • Atari Real Sports Tennis – Atari’s version of Tennis plays surprisingly quick for an Atari game. The graphics are also surprising. This is a gem of a game. You can usually find copies well under the $10 mark.
  • Neo Turf Masters – For my money, this is arguably the best golf game of the 16 bit era. The regular NEO Geo versions can sell well into the $10,000 price range (yes, this is one of those insanely rare video games in the US and Japan. Alternatively, you can pick up a European version (generally priced between $50 to $200 (still high but not insane)). Or, you could play the Neo Geo Pocket Color version (which usually sell at super low p. Your choice
  • Sensible Soccer – This one gets a lot of unnecessary hate on the web. I always felt it was the strongest football game on the Jaguar.
  • NHL 94
  • Punch Out! – I shouldn’t even have to tell you guys. This one goes without saying.
  • Excitebike
  • Major League Baseball for Intellivision – Intellivion’s version of baseball laid the retro roots for quality defensive fielding using the numeric keypad to control each outfielder. It may be old and archaic. But, it’s still a gem to me!

madden 05atari real sports tennisNeo Turf MastersMajor League Baseball IntellivisionPunch Out!


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  1. Some great games on the list. I personally do not really play the new soccer games but I did like a handful of the games you mentioned on this list.

    I remember when I dropped $55 or %60 bucks on the Madden 2005 limited edition which I still own and being in denial when ESPN 2k5 came out. I loved both of the games but thinking back to it, 2k5 was the supier game that year and EA knew they had some competition. The fact that 2k5 released at the $19.99 price tag was genious and got the game a immediate following. If EA did not by the rights, I am not sure how big the brand would be today.

    NBA Jam was also a fantastic sports game. I played many hours of this game and I still throw it in from time to time. I remember in 2010/11 when they made a modern day one that was original only going to be apart of the NBA Elite that was canceled, I tried the game out and I immediately disliked it before really investing any time into it. Fast forward to earlier this year and I gave it another try and I actually really enjoy the modern day version now aswell.

    NHL 94 is such a classic. I also put many hours into that game, it is still my favorite NHL game to this day. I know for a while now it has had this following of being one of the best NHL games but I am happy I loved this and kept it close to my heart before learning of this nostalgic place it holds in the gaming community.

    Mike Tyson surprisingly a game a played as a child but I never truly put it at a level that it is and is known for. I think I was just to young and horrible at the game to ever truly appreciate it.

    Excike Bike despite its place in history is a game that I do not that I have actually ever tried. I know I have watched many many videos of it and I know exactly how the gameplay boils down to but I do not know if it would hold a special place in my heart in 2014 like it would of in its prime.

    Overall good write up. I like seeing some love for old sports games. They do not get the love they need

    • Hey, thanks, Tadpole! Yeah, I really loved playing these sports games when I was younger. NBA Jam and NHL 94 are probably my favorites from the list.

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