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Intellivision Baseball Cart CIB and Other Classics Games from the 80’s

Kim here. I know I have talked about gaming as kid a few times here. I decided to tell you about one of my favorite Intellivision video games. My poor old dad never had a son, so I guess he thought the closest he could get to playing ball with his kid was to buy me Intellivision Baseball. He said it was for me. But, I’d be willing to bet that it was more for him than for me.

The game is super simplistic by today’s standards when you consider how far sports games have come. I liked it because it was just plain, old fun. And, it was a way to hang out with my dad. You can find the game here in case you’ve never played and might want to buy it or you just have some good memories attached to it like I do. You can also compare this CIB listing to other listings on the Bay at the moment.


This game is in really great shape. The box definitely shows wear and tear and the manual is a little dog-eared but the game seems to be in great shape. The seller has stated that the game is tested and does play. It includes the overlays which also appear to be in pretty good shape. The price is certainly reasonable.

Looking at this brought up some other memories of my Intellivision days. The list below includes a couple of Intellivision games as well as some other merch that will take you back to the 80s era of gaming. My searching also brought me to a bunch of sites to download emulators and get roms. These two seemed to have a lot of pretty popular Intellivision games available for download at these sites: Rom Hustler and Intellivision.

Check out some more of my favorites:

Here are a few other items from the old school gaming days:


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  1. Please take this as constructive criticism. I come here to view cool video game stuff. Like things I won’t find anywhere else. But most of the stuff you guys post makes me fall asleep. You guys lost the finesse, the sparkle in the eye for auctions. I go to videogameauctions which they’re great, but also wanted a secondary, even third site that can snipe for auctions but you guys post things that aren’t attractive enough. Not every post will be a winner, but consecutively like this? You guys need to analyze your base, check out the analytics and understand why users have dropped from this site, and why your ranking is below par. People don’t want to see old atari carts for a 6th straight week. We want more interesting stuff, more Nintendo and up-to-date stuff. SEO is dead so you don’t need to focus on SEO initiatives. Hope you guys can consider my opinion and that some things need to change around here. And the “reviews” are cute, but nothing that will suck the users in. Please go back to your roots. I’m not the first person to voice my opinion publicly. And when we do voice our opinion, it’s because we care. Hope this gets to you guys.

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