Update on Zelda 2 Prototype

Quick update:

I wanted to remind everyone that the ultra rare, possibly once-in-a-lifetime Zelda 2 prototype board is still going strong on the ‘bay. You can check out our original post about it here.

Bidding has broken the $500 mark with over 30 bids. That’s pretty astonishing considering how rare and one of a kind this item truly is. You may be able to snag the prototype for under $1000 OR the bidding may heat up between now and the end of this Monday. Stay tuned on this one!


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    • Hey, Jimmah. Thanks for the feedback!

      Scott uses Sample and Prototype interchangeably. I get the sense that this was a cart used in the original development by NOA. A family friend who worked at NOA at the time game them the cart. Here’s his original email to me:

      While cleaning out my parents house I recently came across a white
      label Zelda II NES sample/prototype cart. I know the history of this
      cart as it came straight from NOA in Redmond, WA through a friend of
      my parents who worked there (At the time, I lived about 20 min away
      from Redmond, WA). I’m trying to determine if this cartridge has any
      interest or importance to the scene and was hoping you could help me
      out! Happy to provide pictures etc. as needed. Thanks in advance.

    • Not necessarily
      Often times, it’s the person touching the board who is at risk of zapping the components (rather than the carpet itself). Generally, static discharge builds up when a person walks across carpet wearing socks. As long as he took the proper precautions to ground himself beforehand (wearing an esd bracelet, not wearing socks while on the carpet, touching metal components inside the NES, etc.) he may have adequately grounded himself.

      I bet the board is just fine.

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