Alice An Interactive Museum PC Game

So this game is apparently rare. How rare? Like uber super mega crazy rare – the holy grail of PC Collectors.

The game itself is a 1991 click-and-go adventure game, the elements and idea of which were much inspired by Lewis Carrol’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It was designed for Windows 3.x and later released for the Windows 95 platform.

You wander through a mansion of twelve rooms including a gallery, an atelier, a wine cellar and a photo studio. Each room is interconnected via halls, doors, and secret passages – one of which leads to the outside world. As you wander, the goal is to search for a deck of playing cards, upon which are clues which will lead to The Last Room and the end game.

If you’ve ever played those Mysteryhunt Casefile or any other hidden item games that my wife loves, think of this as an early, but much more in depth predecessor. One that is significantly harder with lots of creepy imagery.

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