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Another Gigantic Thing

This thing is really gigantic, isn’t it?

This near-complete NES collection is now being offered in its entirety for a five-figure price. Over 800 carts are in it, including every licensed NES game and nearly every unlicensed one. The only notable absence is the NWC cart in either form.

These big auctions attract attention, but the cold facts are, demanding a large lump sum is less likely to result in buyers than auctioning in pieces. This complete N64 collection has appeared on this site before and is still unclaimed.

NES “Dream Lot” — Over 800 Games + Accessories

Then there’s…..

VGA Sealed Hogan’s Alley CIB

Slightly Stained Sculptor’s Cut With Custom Case (not the actual box, don’t make that mistake)

Sealed Xenoblade Chronicles With Artbook The artbook was a preorder bonus. It’s printed on high-quality hard stock, but it’s 24 pages long including the cover. There’s not much to it besides promotional art you’ve seen already.

Sealed Mega Man 6

Mega Man X, X2 and X3 SNES Carts The rare X3 is the attraction in this one.

Portable Famicom (Made in China)

Worst Condition For An NFR Cart I’ve Ever Seen


Written by Torque Smacky

Other things I've done, written and pooped out can be found in one place: I am also the founder and editor of BANG! The Entertainment Paper, a Portland publication spotlighting creative talent.

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