Another Wild Update Appears: Vintage Nintendo Swag

“A winner is you!” Guess who’s back with a shiny, brand new post filled with vintage, video game goodness?  You didn’t think your friends at GameSniped were done after our last post, did you? Of course we aren’t. This time, we’re focusing on that lovable Japanese video game giant and all of the great vintage Nintendo swag that comes with it.

Seriously, you Nintendo lovers will adore some of these choice finds from the Bay. We dug up the best vintage Nintendo swag from the 80’s that we could find. Hopefully, these gems can add to your vintage Nintendo collection. So, without further adieu, let us assess the treasures:

1) 1989 Nintendo Power Trapper Keeper – The seller, sublime_products, describes this item as a “Rare vintage 1989 Nintendo Power trapper keeper with 3 highlighter markers.” I don’t know about you, but I certainly wasn’t going to do cartwheels over three highlighter markers thrown for free (YIPEE!). That was, until I looked closer and discovered the Nintendo Power logo on the markers. These are probably originals that came with the trapper. I also doubted the validity of the age of this trapper keeper. However, a quick Google search revealed a 1990 Nintendo Power trapper that looks identical. This is a cool Nintendo Power item from our childhood and the price is certainly right for a vintage item of this condition. Check it out and see what you think.

2) The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time T Shirt – This one is a vintage (and worn) Legend of Zelda T Shirt from the mid 90’s. Stop gagging over there. This isn’t for you to wear! This is for you to hang in a frame next to your Mario poster, geeze! But, seriously. The T Shirt is a bit worn. Sure, the colors are faded. But this is an original LOZ shirt from the 90’s. What do you expect? If it were in better condition, the price would be astronomical. Consider this a great budget find for your collection.

3) Vintage Nintendo Sales Clips – This is the big one of the lot, guys. These clips were not for public sale when they were first distributed in the early 90’s. Instead, the clips were worn by sales men in video game stores to advertise the Nintendo brand and products. The box is badly worn from time which isn’t very surprising. However, the clips themselves are in excellent condition. The seller believes they’ve never been worn before.

4) Super Mario Bros. Vintage Badge Set – Here’s a sweet set of Mario badges. They’re in pristine condition and still sealed in their original bags.

5) Nintendo METROID Disc System Poster – This wouldn’t be a vintage Nintendo swag list without a poster of everyone’s favorite intergalactic bounty hunter, Samus Aran. This rare Metroid poster was released alongside the original Japanese version of the game. Like the other items on this list, it’s in very good condition.

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