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Arcade Weekends

For many video game collectors, there is no item more desirable in the whole wide world than their own authentic arcade machine. It’s another Arcade Weekends, and today for some reason, it’s MS. PAC-MAN DAY! By coincidence at least four Ms. Pac-Mans are currently up for auction this weekend, in various conditions and prices. If Ms. Pac-Man is a hole you need to fill, it’s a buyer’s market at the moment.

I will point out every week that arcade units purchased from auction sites usually have inflated prices — unless you live close enough to the seller that you can pick the unit up yourself. Many sellers know this and list their items as Local Pick-Ups only (marked here as LPUs). If you DO live near any of today’s sellers, some of these deals aren’t bad.

From Somers, Connecticut: Ms. Pac-Man, $700, free LPU, buyer must arrange shipping if desired.

From Flemington, NJ: Ms. Pac-Man, current bid is $549, LPU or buyer arranges shipping. This one includes the manual.

From Albertville, Alabama: Ms. Pac-Man, BIN at $400 but current bid is $250, LPU or buyer arranges shipping. It’s cheaper because it needs some work done.

From Broken Arrow, Oklahoma: Ms. Pac-Man, BIN at $500 but a bid reserve is not met at $51, LPU or buyer arranges shipping. This one includes…half the manual.

From Ranco Cordova, California: X-Men vs. Street Fighter, BIN at $399, shipping offered between $300 and $400.

From Mentor, Ohio: Drool-worthy conjoined NBA Jam Tournament Edition with dual monitors, LPU but delivery is possible, current bid as of this post is $99. Also has no sound, which I didn’t notice in the listing until I checked a second time, but it’s a cool item and I’m calling attention to it anyway.

From Meridian, Idaho: Pole Position, LPU or buyer arranges shipping, no bids yet at $149. Works fine but could use some restorative tune-ups.

From Stafford, Texas: Moon Patrol, LPU, BIN at $495 but ends soon with no bids at $295.

From Huntington Beach, California: Stargate, currently $248.50 as of posting, shipping would be entirely arranged by you but LPU is free. Stargate is the sequel to Defender, and was retitled “Defender II” on all re-releases from 1996 onward after a certain sci-fi franchise locked down legal rights to the word “Stargate.”

Written by Torque Smacky

Other things I've done, written and pooped out can be found in one place: I am also the founder and editor of BANG! The Entertainment Paper, a Portland publication spotlighting creative talent.

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