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Arcade Weekends

For many video game collectors, there is no item more desirable, no monolith more awe-inspiring to a man-cave, than their own authentic arcade machine. Arcade Weekends is a new weekly (or whenever there’s enough mentionable material) feature on GameSniped where we’ll spotlight coin-ops for sale.

This feature will mostly be done for entertainment’s sake, as if you’re going to enter the market for arcade units, auction sites should be your last resort. The inflated prices, coupled with the outrageous shipping costs to get such a huge device to you safely, aren’t comparable to Craigslist or a local convention — unless you live close enough to the seller that you can pick the unit up yourself. Many sellers know this and list their items as Local Pick-Ups only (marked here as LPUs). If you DO live near any of today’s sellers, some of these deals aren’t bad.

From Rosamond, CaliforniaNeo-Geo unit with Metal Slug 4. There is a BIN at $375, but it ends within 24 hours and has zero bids at $340. LPU.

From Waterford, MIanother Metal Slug 4, $399 with no bids yet. They will ship, but for almost as much as the unit itself.

From Cockeysville, MarylandMortal Kombat for $345 BIN (wow), LPU but will ship at buyer’s expense

From Chatswin Chatsworth, CADonkey Kong at $500, ends soon, no bids, LPU.

From Elk Grove, CACentipede cocktail, $350 with no bids, $450 BIN. Lacks the glass overlay.

From Swansea, MADig-Dug, $895 BIN (or make an offer), LPU.

From Milan, MIVirtua Cop 2, $400 with no bids, $450 BIN, LPU.

From Olney, MarylandSpace Invaders, original art and parts in good condition. $500, no bids, LPU.

ThisI just like it.

Written by Torque Smacky

Other things I've done, written and pooped out can be found in one place: I am also the founder and editor of BANG! The Entertainment Paper, a Portland publication spotlighting creative talent.

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