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ASUS ARES Radeon 5870 4GB Limited Edition Video Card

New PC hardware is not something we normally mention, but this thing is so expensive I feel I need to mention it. This is the fastest video card on the planet, and will run you just shy of $1200.00 for a normal edition.

Tech specs are pretty sick – 4GB of GDDR5 on board. Each GPU has 1600 processor cores, 80 texture units, and 32 ROPs. The out-of-the-box clock speeds are 850MHz on the GPU, and 4.8GHz on the memory. Each GPU is capable of delivering 2.7 TeraFLOPs, combining to 5.4 TeraFLOPs for the whole video card. Each GPU has 2GB of GDDR5 memory for a total of 4GB of memory on-board.

Its a card for the hardcore PC Gamer & Modder, one who can drop thousands on their PC only to see it become outdated in months.

NCIX (who happens to be my favorite Canadian Electronics retailer) is auctioning off a Limited Edition version of the card with proceeds going to help the Pakistan flood relief. The LE comes in a hard metal case, with story book and a pretty decent mouse.

Auction Here

One day in and its already hit $1,300.00 with 22 Bids.


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