Atari 2600 Air Raid

Air Raid is most likely the ultimate game for Atari 2600 collectors. One of (if not the) rarest games for the system, there are less than 20 confirmed copies in collectors hands (the auction states 13).

The origin and distribution of the game have been frequently debated. This sale is actually going to help shed some light onto that mystery. The auction states:

I clearly remember buying this game back in 1984 or 1985. My mother had taken me to a Tuesday Morning store in Arlington Texas. It was near the corner of Arkansas Lane and Medline Drive. This game caught my attention because of the unique cartridge style. Not too long after I purchased it, I got an Atari 800 and stopped playing the 2600. Since then, Air Raid has been boxed up in my garage along with my 2600 and other games for over 20 years.

To date, no box has been found either. Ther seller is also helping in that area with this statement:

1) I bought it new in the orginal box.
2) The box was white and had very little if any writing on it. I only recognized that it was a 2600 game because of the cartridge. That would mean the cartridge was visible in the box. The box swung open or it might have had a clear window that showed the cartridge.
3) It did not come with an instruction book.

This is one of those auctions that are truly interesting to watch, as they literally define rare. The last copy sold in November of 09 for $2,850.00. Not a huge figure compared to some of the recent NES insanity. I`m betting this one will go higher however, as some of those NES sales seem to have shed more exposure and interest on the collecting hobby.



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