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Atari 2600 CX-2000 “Val” Prototype Console

We’ve already mentioned the Atari 2600 CX-2000 “Val” Prototype Console here, when it first went up for auction. To summarize myself:

The Atari 2000 (model number CX-2000) was a 1982 prototype version of the Atari 2600 intended to be released as a more affordable alternative targeted at children. While it is technically the same as the original 2600, the 2000 instead included built in controllers and a different case design. The 2000 was first going to be black, but ended up being recolored blue in an attempt to appeal more to kids.

The reasons for canning the 2000 were never made official, but experts figure it was due to the poor quality and durability of the built in controllers as well as the stronger internal popularity of the ATARI 2600 Jr design.

It seems there’s a few of these around, and we featured one which sold for $6,800.00 back in July of 2009.

The BIN of $99,000.00 on this was obviously not realistic, most likely to solicit offers. I would expect it to be relished, with a significantly reduced price.

Looks like the seller never received any offers they wanted to accept, so it’s now up for open auction. As of posting its broke $2,500 with 14 bids.

They’ve also relisted several other extremely rare items, some at BIN, others in auction format. There’s two days left on the auctions, and they’re pulling very nice prices so far.

Atari 2700 (2600) RC Stella Prototype Console (Currently $1000 with 7 bids)

From the Atari Museum:

Atari decided it was time to add some new bells and whistles to its Atari 2600 Video Computer System. The new features would be a brand new console system with a sleek new wedge look and the newest feature of all… they made it wireless. The joysticks are simply amazing, they fit in the palm of your hand fairly comfortably and the most amazing part about these new joysticks is the features built in. The joystick is a standard 8 position joystick, but it is also a 270 degree paddle controller built into the same stalk!!! The unit also had select and reset buttons right on the joystick as well. It makes me wonder why this joystick wasn’t re-engineered back into a hardwired version and used on the 5200, this was THE perfect joystick, far superior to the current 5200 analog joystick in control, feel and features.

Atari 2600 Prototype Demonstration Boards & Documents ($500 with 5 bids)

You are bidding on a set of Atari 2600 demonstration boards. This is a highly unusual piece of Atari history. Some of these boards are from the well known and documented Atari 2600 POP Kiosk, but others have configurations that have never popped up before! Please see all pictures to establish the nature of the boards that are included in this unique set.

Included with the boards are two binders filled with all sorts of technical documentation. The five pcbs are stored in a wooden crate.

Atari 2600 Picturemate Cassette Tape for Compumate

You are bidding on a true oddity from the Atari 2600 library: Picturemate! For a long time, Atari 2600 collectors assumed no software was ever released for the Spectravision Compumate computer add-on. But then an official release surfaced on the southern hemisphere, Picturemate. It contains software that allows children to identify and draw animals.

Atari 2600 River Patrol PAL Prototype

The only known prototype of River Patrol in PAL format.

Atari 2600 Venture II in Magnificent Treasure Chest

From AA:

Venture II was created by Tim Snider as a sequel to the classic game Venture. Only 24 copies of Venture II were produced. The first four carts were part of a pre-production run so Tim could get the manufacturing process fine tuned. Those first four are marked with Greek letters on the label. Tim then created 20 numbered copies of Venture II which he made available privately at the 2001 Classic Gaming Expo. One copy of Venture II sold at the CGE2K1 auction and went for over $200. Tim created perhaps the most extravagant packaging seen for a self-published title at the time–the game was delivered in a hand-crafted, miniature treasure chest, which opened to reveal the cartridge (with numbered label) and a manual, surrounded by elegant, gold leaf paper.

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