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Atari 2600 CX-2000 Val Prototype Console

Nicola already mentioned this guy briefly, but I thought we would take a moment and look at it more in detail.

The Atari 2000 (model number CX-2000) was a 1982 prototype version of the Atari 2600 intended to be released as a more affordable alternative targeted at children. While it is technically the same as the original 2600, the 2000 instead included built in controllers and a different case design. The 2000 was first going to be black, but ended up being recolored blue in an attempt to appeal more to kids.

The reasons for canning the 2000 were never made official, but experts figure it was due to the poor quality and durability of the built in controllers as well as the stronger internal popularity of the ATARI 2600 Jr design.

It seems there’s a few of these around, and we featured one which sold for $6,800.00 back in July of 2009.

The BIN of $99,000.00 on this was obviously not realistic, most likely to solicit offers. I would expect it to be relished, with a significantly reduced price.


(Thanks Alex!)


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