Atari 2600 Music Machine (R10)

Music Machine is one of the holy grails for Atari 2600 collectors. It’s one of the many R10’s for the system, in no doubt mostly because the game was exclusively sold through religious bookstores.

The Music Machine franchise is, well… I’ll quote directly from Wikipedia:

Music Machine is a series of children’s Christian musical albums that were made by Candle and Agape Force that all took place in a “Land Called Love,” Agapeland. Most of these were released on Birdwing/Sparrow Records. Music Machine recordings usually centered around Stevie and Nancy’s adventures in Agapeland (along with Mr. Conductor and the Music Machine itself). The album titled Music Machine Club Fun Album centered around the characters known as Sloops that were introduced on the Dove Award winning Music Machine II: All About Love.

A Gape Land? Spot on.

Sweet Gameplay Vid:


Auction Here
– After sitting at a $999.99 BIN OBO for awhile, seller relisted at $0.99. Past prices for this guy are all over the place though. A sealed copy sold for $6,000.00, a copy with manual sold for $749.00, another with instuctions for $482.00 and a loose copy for $305.00. That’s just going back to September. All depends on condition and who is looking at the time.


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