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Atari Force Commission by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Atari Force was the name of two comic book series published by DC Comics from 1982 to 1986. Both were loosely based on trademarks of Atari.

The first were created mainly to illustrate story lines for home console games and were packed in with the games Defender, Berzerk, Star Raiders, Phoenix, and Galaxian. The second series was released monthly, in conventional comic-book format.

Atari Force was a team of humans from different nations using the multi-dimensional starship Scanner One to search for a new planet for humanity to inhabit as the Earth was facing ecological devastation.

Anyways, on eBay at the moment is a pencil comission by artist Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez of the character Blakjak & Dart.

Auction Here


Lot of Atari Force Comics No. 1- 18

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