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Where to Get a Replacement Atari Jaguar Controller

So, it finally happened.The earth shattering, life-changing event that everyone dreads: your Atari Jaguar controller broke. What does that mean for you? No worries, as the standard controller will set you back a couple bucks. 

Atari Jaguar Controller

But what happens if it was a coveted Pro controller? Most likely you’ll have to fork over some cash to find another one. No one wants to do that though.

Why are the controllers so expensive? It really has to do with production.

The Atari Jaguar is a home console that, to most people’s surprise, didn’t sell well. The problem wasn’t the hardware itself, which was advanced enough to warrant purchase. The issue stemmed from lack of marketing and no third-party support. Selling only 250,000 units in its lifespan, the console was a failure.

What does that do to the aftermarket price then of peripherals? It sky rockets them, specifically the ones you need to play Nintendo N64 Racing Games or any other games.

Replacing an Atari Jaguar Controller Can Be Tricky

While the name of the Atari Jaguar was catchy, the controller wasn’t. Often credited with the title of “Worst Controller Design of All Time,” the Atari Jaguar controller didn’t look amazing, mostly due to having a lot of buttons. The plastic was light, but solidly constructed, proving to have a long lifespan if it was taken care.

But if it does break, the options are straightforward: buy a new one, which can cost a lot of money, or fix it yourself. Even if you want to open the controller up and see what’s not working anymore–which we’ll discuss later–there’s no guarantee the issue is fixable.

The parts are often not available anymore, or the problem may take more time to solve than is warranted. What that means is that replacement is pretty much the only option,

So How Can You Get a New One?

Atari Jaguar Controller

This part may be easier than you think. Nowadays, in the time where anyone can make something if they put their mind to, plenty of people have been cooking up ideas to make another Atari Jaguar controller. You can buy another standard edition of the Best SNES RPGs of All Time, but where’s the fun in that?

If you aren’t partial to the standard controller, then the good people over at AtariAge have revived the Pro version with its own production campaign. That’s right, for a couple of bucks, this new version of Atari Jaguar Pro controller can be yours.

It looks practically identical to the old one and will sport new parts and molds. If you’re looking to order one, all you must do is reach out via email and your name is put onto the list for them. The products won’t ship until production is complete, and nothing will be charged either.

If you need the real deal, though, it’s possible to obtain one with a box, just keep in mind the price you will be paying for it.

If You’d Rather Fix It Yourself, You (Potentially) Can

If you’re a hands-on type of person, or a machinist looking for a bit of a challenge, there are ways to open and repair your controller. If the problem has to do with movement, you’re probably going to have to replace the whole thing, as a critical pin, one that controls movement or button presses, is probably broke.

However, if it’s a connection issue then the problem could be attributed to the cable which connects the controller to the system. If this is the case, it’s possible to buy a simple cable and remove the old one, with some finagling of course.

If the issue has to do with the buttons, the controllers are malleable in terms of the buttons you can put in them. Seriously, lots of players would replace the standard buttons with other console’s controllers, such as the Sega Saturn. It’s a cheap, easy fix, or can be, but not recommended for everyone.

Don’t Lose Hope If Your Atari Jaguar Controller Breaks

Playing With Atari Jaguar Controller

It’s always a bummer when something you’ve enjoyed or cherished malfunctions after some time. Most video game collectors and retro players often take care of their stuff, but in the off event that an issue arises, you have options.

Thankfully prices are cheap on the standard Underrated PS2 Games and Atari Jaguar controller, and there are newfound options for the Pro variant. If you find yourself needing a replacement Jaguar controller to keep playing Tempest 2000, don’t fret.

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