Bart and the Beanstalk Game Boy CIB

It`s cool that this was just listed, given that I was talking about it with someone a few days ago. The is a brutal CIB for Game Boy collectors and will probably climb in value as more people take interest in collecting for the system. The box completely drives the price of this. In fact, the cart by itself sells for under $20.00 – as low as $3.00. How valuable is it complete? Well, the last one that sold at open auction went for $465.00. From what I understand this was partially due to two collectors who both needed this to complete their set, so that may have driven price somewhat. Still, it`s insanely hard to find and should easily fetch $300+.

Auction Here – $499.00 OBO

(Thanks Dan!)


Kirby`s Adventure Sealed NES Factory Shipping Box – Canadian Version, but a shipping case for $51.00 is nothing to scoff at.
Very Overpriced PAL NES Snowboard Challenge – With a lot of box wear and photocopied manual!


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