Bioshock Infinite Official Replica of the Murder of Crow Vigor Bottle Signed

During the press reveal of Irrational Games’ BioShock Infinite, the developer gave away this “Murder of Crows” bottle to attendees.

Since then, they have also donated several of them to charity.

This is signed by:

Ken Levine, Creative Director
Troy Baker, Voice of Booker Dewitt
Mauricio Tejerina, Concept Artist
Nate Wells, Art Director

This is #381 out of 400 made.

Proceeds from this auction are to directly benefit the Animal Protection Center of Southeastern MA adoption center.

Auction Here


Grand Theft Auto $69 Dollar Bill
– These bills were distributed at the wrap party to celebrate the completion of work on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and were exclusively handed out to employees of Rockstar North. The front face of the note depicts a typical GTA: San Andreas “Ho”, while the rear face depicts a “drive by” and the slogan “In Uzi we trust”. The bills are dated “10 12 2004 9PM” and entitled the bearer to a bottle of champagne at the bar. Only 100 of these notes were ever printed and most ended up ripped by the staff at the venue to avoid re-use.
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time KMart Promotional Soundtrack – From 1998.
Star Fox 64 3D Dog Tags
Sonic & The Secret Rings Signed Print – Limited print created by SEGA to be given away as a promotional prize in conjunction with the 2007 Wii title. Signed by Yojiro Ogawa, SONIC TEAM member, Producer, Director AND Game Designer for the title.
PAL SNES Wild Guns
Diddy Kong Plush Beanie Lot – They were sold to promote the release of Donkey Kong 64.
Sega Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure ReSaurus Action Figure – Made in 1999 by ReSaurus to promote Sonic Adventure and was a Toys R Us exclusive. It comes with a sound base with a button on it that, when pressed, will say phrases Sonic says in Sonic Adventure.
Sony PlayStation 3 Resistance Press Kit – Apparently only 2,000 were made and given exclusively to the European press for review of the game. The press kit takes the form of a civilian survival kit, preparing the world for an impending Chimera attack.
Call of Duty Black Ops Steelbook
The Art of Uncharted 2 Limited Folio Edition Art Book – This is the limited edition and highly sought after artbook released by Ballistic Publishing in coordination with Naughty Dog. There are only around 200 of these in existence.


Double Dragon C64 – Sold for $659.42. Rare Ocean’s version. Fro what I understand there’s like less than twenty copies of this confirmed.
Custom Airbrushed “Hulk” SNES – Dear god this is ugly.


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