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Is This Official BioShock Press Kit the Rarest Merch From the Past 10 Years?

Hi all, it’s Kim again. Today I want you to check out this super cool press kit that I was lucky enough to turn up on the bay. This is the official, ultra-rare BioShock Press Kit for the PS3/Xbox 360.  The kit comes in a box that has a distressed look, making it appear to have been banged around a bit and is marked as “DAMAGED BY SEA WATER.”

Obviously, this is intentional. But, the seller listed some minor wear due to storage of the item. Inside the box is a booklet, a syringe pen, after dinner mints, a CD that looks like an old 45 record, and your very own Rapture Plasmids. This kit just oozes classic early 60’s Kennedy era style and I love it for that.

I wasn’t able to track down this kit or the individual items anywhere else (with the exception of the syringe pen listed below). So, rest assured this listing is very rare. Nothing like it has sold so far this year, and I don’t remember any sales last year.

There are photos of this press kit posted out there on the internet. As I said, this is the only one I was able to find that is available to purchase. The seller states this is quite possibly one of the rares kits made for press events from the 360/PS3 era. In addition, despite the minor wear, none of the items present have ever been used by the seller. So, everything is intact close to its original state.

If you’re serious about rare gaming merch or Bioshock. This is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity. Most of these kits were thrown away following the event. We’ll probably never see a listing for this kit in such good condition again.

Press Kit


On another topic, I want to take a quick minute to remind you about the Collection of 4 Autographed Resident Evil Games.

This collection is autographed by series creator Shinji Mikami. The collection’s still available (which shocks me despite the high price). There are tons of buyers watching it. In addition to a letter of authenticity, the seller is including their letter of ownership transfer and will create a new letter for the buyer.

The seller is willing to consider offers (and obviously financing is possible through PayPal credit). This is really rare and valuable, though probably nowhere near as rare as the press kit.

Here are some more BioShock collectibles and other cool stuff:

Here are some Nintendo/FF things just for fun:


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