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Recap for Blizzcon 2015

Another year, another Blizzcon! Tickets to the event were sold out, so if you weren’t able to physically be there or to watch the event via the Blizzcon stream here is everything you need to know to catch up. And if you would like to see it for yourself you can still purchase a Blizzcon virtual ticket and watch it on demand until November 21st.

Fans were thrilled to learn about the World of Warcraft expansion Legion. Features and content in the expansion pack include the new hero class Demon Hunter, Artifact Weapons, a new continent to explore, a new PvP Honor System, and much more! If you pre-purchase Legion you’ll get a level-100 character boost for immediate use, as well as early access to the Demon Hunter hero class before the expansion’s release.


Starcraft II Legacy of the Void releases tomorrow, November 10th. Check out the opening sequence by clicking here and get ready for the highly anticipated conclusion to the Starcraft II trilogy. The game includes 6 fresh units (2 for each race), and new abilities for the units that you are already familiar with. And with new modes you and a friend can join forces and discover new ways to take on adversaries.

The much anticipated Overwatch title released new details as we eagerly await its release for the PC and consoles next spring. Legacy of the Void, Legion, and Overwatch are all available for pre-purchase at the Blizzard Store. Also be sure to check out the new Hearthstone adventure, The League of Explorers, when it releases November 12th for your computer or mobile device.

Heroes of the Storm is a mulitplayer online battle arena game that includes heroes from Blizzard’s franchise video games. Now it’s getting some fresh faces added to the mix like Lunara, Greymane, and Cho’Gall, and also receiving an Arena Mode. Another announcement at the show was the Diablo III new Patch 2.4. For a complete list of all of the new items, features, and changes click here for an in-depth look. The new Patch 2.4 is now available.

And how could we leave out the awesome premiere for the World of Warcraft movie trailer from Legendary Pictures. If you haven’t seen it yet here it is:

For years Blizzcon has been growing and has now become one of the largest esports events around. This year’s StarCraft II World Championships was the last for the second expansion Heart of the Swarm, as Legacy of the Void will be on display next year. And Blizzard spared no expense in giving Heart of the Swarm a proper sendoff. Kim “sOs” Yoo Jin defeated Lee “Life” Seun Hyun in an epic finale, winning with a final score of 4-3 and taking home his second championship. Heroes of the Storm, WoW, and Hearthstone also had great esports events, but the Starcraft II contest was the showstopper this year.

And a special shout out to all who participated in the BlizzconBlizzcon Costume and talent contests. This year’s Blizzcon costume contest winner was Pappa Cosplay as “Medieval Marine.” First place in the talent contest went to the Pan Galactic Blizzard Jazz Orchestra.

That’s the rundown for what you need to know about this year’s Blizzcon. I’ve also compiled a list of auctions for items that were given away at Blizzcon 2015. All auctions were active as of this posting.

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