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Bullet Bill Nintendo Bank

While neither rare nor expensive, this Bullet Bill bank is my favorite item this week. I just picked one up and the seller has several left. The recent set has some nifty other figures as well, like Boo, Warp Pipe, Question Box, Koopa Shell and the 1UP.


Here`s some more Nintendo stuff too:

Nintendo Valiant Comic Lot – I always though the Valiant Zelda comics were half decent.
Super Mario Bros. Sleeping Bag – Think I could squeeze into this?
Super Mario Bros Alarm Clock – Looks awesome.
Nice SNES Manual Lot
Nintendo Playchoice Super Mario Brothers 2 – Seller has a bunch of other Playchoice games as well.
Super Mario Bros 1990 Nintendo Telephone – Another sweet game room item, but massively overpriced.
Interchangeable Nintendo Watch – Whats the point in selling a potentially cool item, with horrible pictures? This appears to be a possibly cool watch with interchangeable faceplates, but it is hard to see anything in the pic.
New Old Stock Nintendo VS Unisystem – Included is the game board in cage, harness, Super Mario software, game manual, side decals, hardware and marquee.
Vintage Mario and Zelda Twin Sheet Set – I need to buy one of these if my son ever takes interest in either series Currently, the only games he will play involve cars. From the God Awful Lightning McQueen games, to Forza and Burnout. Plus to a lesser extent, SNES Mario Kart.
Phillips CDi Zelda Game Lot – Adventure and Faces of Evil. I always feel bad for people who pay so much for these terrible games.
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Steel Coin – I`ve never seen this before. These coins were handed out at the Nintendo Booth at Comic Con International 2005 only if you had something Nintendo related with/on you, or if you played the Twilight Princess Demo. You will not find these in stores. The front of the Coin has the Twilight Princess logo. The back has the triforce with the labels “Courage”, “Power”, and “Wisdom”.
Another Legend Of Zelda Beach Towel – A few of these have popped up since the one I posted a week or so ago.
Nintendo Legend of Zelda Tips & Tactics Booklet
Nintendo Power Patches – Why am I sharing this here? Gah.
Mega Man 10 Poster – Prices these have been going for are crazy. Up to $200.

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