CAG Fund for Child’s Play 2010 Charity Raffle Extravaganza

CAG is doing a fundraiser for Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play charity. Last year they raised $42,000.00 and this year they’re setting the goal at $60,000.

For every $5 donated via PayPal through the CAG ChipIn system, you will receive one entry into a raffle to win a bundle which includes a gaming bundle valued at over $2000, a $500 Play-Asia gift certificate and other great prizes! Each year, the CAG Community donated some really cool and generous prizes and I’m sure the tradition will continue. I expect the prize list (see below) to grow and grow until the very end of the fundraiser.

You must donate through the ChipIn system by 12/31/10 or your raffle entry will not register. Use any of the ChipIn links in this post or the widget below. Just click the “ChipIn” button to donate. Donations are accepted via PayPal and go directly to Child’s Play. ChipIn tracks our donations as a group, but the money is immediately deposited into Child’s Play’s PayPal account.

The main prize with all the current gen consoles is pretty awesome, but there’s also a nice bundle from the developer n-Space, including an autographed Call of Duty: Black Ops DS.

Purchase Raffle Tickets At CAG Here


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