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Call of Duty XP Event Swags

Thousands of fans attended the Call of Duty XP event held in Los Angeles just about a week ago. The attendees was given this bag filled with stuff and in it, is a redemption code for the Hardened Edition copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. According to this listing which sold for $280 at auction, the bag includes:

1. Limited Edition Call of Duty backpack
2. Custom MW3 collector’s tin with game code to get the full hardened edition game on release day (code is blurred out on photo for safekeeping)
3. Limited Edition Mountain Dew can that will give you double XP for MW3
4. Limited Edition Call of Duty XP 2011 patch
5. Limited Edition COD Poster
6. 14 days Zune music free trial
7. Call of Duty Endowment sticker
8. 20% off for Gunner glasses (there is a crease on this coupon)
9. Doritos Nacho Cheese that came with the bag (Doritos was a sponsor)
10. VIP Event wristband
11. Cloth Event wristband
12. Field Guide, which is a folded poster of the schedule and full map of the event

There’s quite a bit of listing for complete sets ranging from $166 to $200, even $300 (it had more soda cans) and with buy it now prices all the way up to $1,000.

Limited Edition Call of Duty Mountain Dew soda can

This special can of Mountain Dew was also given at the event. This can of ‘Dew is limited to 500 (limited to 500 at the event? then 50,000 more AFTER the event?). This listing sold a whopping $85 for both cans which included double xp points (im guessing thats for COD Elite). You could buy a lot of Mountain Dew with that kind of money.. There’s plenty of them listed here.


There were plenty of patches given away as well. This one sold for $51 and a burger town patch sold for $50. Here’s a complete set for $425 (for patches? goodamn!)

Here’s a list of completed listings here.



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