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    Reddit/YouTuber Uncovers Retro Console Prototype for SNES CD

    Often times, when you write about retro video games, you write about something that everyone knows about. Your subject material has already been completely covered by other sources from top to bottom. It’s not often that I get the pleasure of writing about a completely unknown retro console. But that’ s exactly what happened when […] More

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    Is Technology Creating a Lack of Critical Thinkers? Games that Stimulate the Brain

    Scientists, doctors and educators have been saying for years that technology is a double-edged sword. On the one hand it reduces the amount of time spent on laborious tasks and computations but on the other hand technology has proven to interfere with the development of critical thinking. Before taking this premise as a foregone conclusion, […] More

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    Nintendo World Exclusives

    Been sort of out of the loop lately since I’ve been doing other things.. But a friend of mine texted me a few weeks back about an exclusive release at Nintendo World here in New York City. To celebrate the Hyrule Warriors release, Nintendo announced that there’s a limited edition version of the game that […] More

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    Is there any need for console-based casino games?

    The gambling industry continues to thrive in the 21st Century as billions of dollars are spent every year by punters who strive to win considerable amounts of money and hit the big jackpots. We live in a world where a bet can be placed on anything, although the casino and sports betting markets remain the […] More

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    Retro Gaming Given a New Lease of Life!

    When I was a youngster my friends and I would always be split into two camps, and even to this day with FIFA or Pro Evo we still are! You were either in the Mario or Sonic, Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat and, the biggest of them all, Sega or Nintendo camps. Personally, I was […] More

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    Steve’s Vintage Videogames –

    Steve has been an advertiser on the site for quite some time and runs an Retro slash Online Store in the Netherlands. His site is super impressive because he has a ton of inventory CIB and in great condition. Over 7,500+ games in stock ranging from NES, Vectrex, PS1 and evey nother retro system. He […] More

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    Game On – An Online Gaming Challenge

    There’s more to online gaming than Facebook and Zynga. There are sites all over the internet delivering a huge variety of game genres.  Can you take the challenge to try each genre out in the space of a day? Perhaps you might find something you’ll love! Action In an assault course style game-a-thon, the obvious […] More

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    If you’re reading gameSniped, it’s a safe bet to assume you play games. For killing time with online flash and arcade games, everyone has their favourite site. While you may not have heard of it, one decent little site is Dedicated solely to browser based games, each is handpicked by the staff and well […] More

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    gameSniped Needs Writers!

    Interesting in contributing to gameSniped on a regular or occasional basis? Email me at! You were be paid per post, plus have lots of opportunities for swag! Have an existing site? How about a guest post for cross promotion? More

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