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    Mega Man Box and Manual Sega Game Gear

    You’d be surprised that a lot of people don’t realize this game exists. It’s based off of the NES versions of Mega Man 4 and Mega Man 5. There are a ton of differences, including a lack of continues, vertical scrolling (due to the Game Gear’s screen size), powerups bouncing when they hit the ground […] More

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    Japanese Game Gear Games!

    Not something you see posted for sale every day. A few rarities, but honestly not something for everyone. [phpbay keywords=”sega” num=”20″ siteid=”1″ sortorder=”EndTimeSoonest” sellerid=”n_mardenis” templatename=”columns” columns=”3″] Also: Mega Drive Greylancer – 1992 Japanese Shooter that was eventually released on the Virtual Console in Europe and North America in 2008. Awesome game and somewhat rare. Gameboy […] More

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    Power Drive Sega Game Gear

    Power Drive is an extremely rare European only release from 1994. So rare, I’m told that this is the only copy to be listed on eBay in the past six years. Even screenshots of the game were pretty much non existent until SMSPower dumped the game in 2010. The game itself is a top down […] More