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    Complete Nintendo Virtual Boy Collection

    This thing is a monster, definately the biggest and most complete VB collection I’ve seen offered for sale. In addition to hardware and accessories like the Blockbuster Rental Case and Mosaic Version Japanese Console Box, it includes: Demo Games Red Alarm Wario Land USA Jack Bros 3D Tetris (sealed) Mario Clash Waterworld Vertical force (sealed) […] More

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    New Version Flashboy (Virtual Boy Flash Cart)

    I mentioned the sale of the last old version Flashboy (Virtual Boy Flash Cart) a few months back, but now one more has popped up on eBay. This is the new version, and one from the first run of 50. Normally these run around 90 Euros, but the wait list is long and apparently the […] More

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    FlashBoy Nintendo Virtual Boy USB Flash Cartridge

    Mostly likely you missed the news recently announced by Richard Hutchinson on his latest creation, the FlashBoy Plus. Unlike the original, this new flash cart includes an internal save battery. Yes, there is a Virtual Boy flash cart. The upgrade marks the end of the original FlashBoy, which will no longer be produced. The last […] More

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    Complete US Virtual Boy Collection (Half Sealed)

    I love nothing more than complete collection (except maybe sealed shipping boxes). You see a complete VB collection pop up every now and then, and this one is well on its way to becoming a Complete Sealed Collection. Seller is asking $1,000.00 Shipped. Thread on DP Thread on NA Thread on AA More

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    Nintendo Playing Cards & More

    Baby Mario Nintendo Playing Cards   Nintendo Super Mario 3 Rubber Figurines German seller kr155e has some nice Virtual Boy rarities for sale. Highlights include including VB Playing Cards (of which a similar set recently sold for $224) and FlashBoy (Flash Cart). I’ve been told the seller also has has SD Gundam Dimension War and […] More

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    Handhelds & Virtual Boy Demo Unit

    eBay seller mamascellar has a ton of rare handhelds for sale. This includes a ton of Nelsonic watches, Nintendo Game & Watches and a significant number of systems I’ve never heard of that look pretty interesting. Everything I looked at seems to be in excellent condition as well. Also: Gears Of War 2 Promo COG […] More

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    Complete Virtual Boy CIB Collection

    Interested in the Virtual Boy, but don’t have the time to pull together a complete collection? Well, just grab this auction and you’ve got a complete collection. All 14 games CIB and in good condition. The highlights include the very hard to find Mario’s Tennis “For Display Only” box, Jack Bros complete, Waterworld complete, and […] More