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Chrono Trigger Ebay Listing for Custom SNES

I was digging around on Ebay looking for SNES memorabilia like I normally do, and I stumbled upon this Chrono Trigger Ebay listing bid for this sweet custom SNES. The characters and artwork are are all painted onto the custom SNES to guarantee high quality (no cheap kiddie stickers here). Naturally, the console includes a custom SNES controller. If you don’t want to purchase the entire console, or need a matching Chrono Trigger SNES controller for the console, you can find auctions for separate controllers. Click here to check out the console and here to check out the controller.

The seller has all sorts of cool custom stuff for the SNES:

Custom painted Donkey Kong super Nintendo – BIN $150

Star Fox (Super NES, 1993) Nintendo Tested & Plays Great – BIN $13 – Cartridge works according to seller. Scratches and tape residue on the right side. Yellow fade on the back.

Not from Seller

Chrono Trigger Wall Clock

Chrono Trigger Crimson Echoes – BIN $5.96 and free shipping (yay!) Case only, Game is not included.


Bronkie The Bronchiasaurus (Super NES, 1994)


SHARP SF-1 Console System Super Famicom Color TV 14G-SF1 Tested JAPAN Game – From Japan so watch out for those import fees! – BIN $950, shipping $190 economy – This is a pretty rare piece (hence the price tag). Apparently, the test console (original SNES) was built directly into a Sharp color TV. Pretty neat, but too rich for my blood.

Nintendo Super Mario Bros Bar Pub Display Neon Light


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