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Cigars, Zelda Bling & More

It surprises me sometimes, even in the 90’s, that Nintendo would put their logo on something as odd as a Cigar cutter.  Obviously, they were promoting Conker’s Bad Fur Day, a game that was definitely not made with kids in mind, but with all the anti-tobacco initiatives and accusations that the companies were targeting children, you would think they would have taken on a bit of a different approach.  There aren’t any currently listed, but they even had Nintendo brand cigars that were handed out as a promotion (yes, they were actual cigars–I bought two and shipped them to a friend who proceeded to be silly and used them….’very stale and cheap’ I think were his words.)  I’m super confused by these Pokemon Cigar Bands as well…I kind of doubt they are licensed anyhow.  Not to be outdone, Sony has their own Cigar cutter and Match Set….


Zelda Link to the Past Pendant:  Some serious bling, it looks like this used to be sold at Hot Topic?  What a nifty necklace!  With all the Zelda merchandise going crazy lately, I figured I might as well feature something a little oddball.

Nintendo M3 ROB Store Display:  This is the cream of the crop as far as the M Series goes…very hard to find, this looks to be the third of these that has been auctioned in recent memory.

Gameboy Retail Flip Rack:  These are one of the few store displays I remember from Ames…oh how I miss Ames.

Deluxe GameBoy Kiosk:  One of the nicest GB Kiosks I have seen…they sure did make a lot of different ones!

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