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Colecovision Prototypes

I do not think we have mentioned these, unless Nicola did in a post I missed.

11 different ones from the Amsterdam,N.Y.facility which is now just a memory.You would have to agree with me when I say that these are a rare find?Im a former employee and will do my best to describe these the best I can….Blackjack Poker..Cabbage Patch original Version Master]..Slither’sa8a4 #2]..Dam Busters]..Space Fury Official By Sega].. Star Trek Master dated6/29/84 master] Tarzan 6/25]..Lady Bug]..Looping] Monkey?] The last one can’t be read or made out.These have all worked with my colecovision as they are. Boards are dated 1982..Mixed Singapore..Korea..Tawain.etc.I can give interested parties more info possibly..Just ask..Thanks.

Auction Here – Ends in a couple hours.


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