Complete Japanese Final Fantasy Collection

Have $14,000? Well.. 15 grand actually.. You can have this one! This impressive collection spans from Final Fantasy 1 all the way upto Final Fantasy 13 including those in between which is probably more than 13 games. I actually think that Square just slaps the Final Fantasy title when they can’t think of a clever one and they know if its a FF title, it’ll probably somewhat sell a decent amount of copies. But lately, all of that might change since the company lost millions of dollars last year… But anyways, the entire collection also spans from different platforms from the Famicom to the most recent generation (ie. PS3, Wii, etc.). This must have taken years to collect and it’s not just games, the seller also have systems and handhelds in there as well. I’d list all of them here but it’s way too long. If you can’t afford it like I do, at least enjoy the drool worthy pictures..

Link to auction

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