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Quick Updates on the Complete NES Kickstart Project

Sorry for the long delay, folks. The beautiful summer weather has been vying for my attention recently. I have a few quick updates for you. Retro VGS recently announced updates to some of their specs. The console includes HDMI 1.3 output and will come in various colors not unlike the old Nintendo 64 consoles. Check it out here. If you didn’t catch the post in the beginning of June, check out our take on the Retro VGS. Jeffrey Wittenhagen hit me up on Twitter and told me about his new project, the Complete NES on Kickstart.

The Complete NES
Find out more about this incredible Kickstart project in our new post!

The Complete NES is designed to serve as THE comprehensive collector’s book on the top classic Nintendo games. They’re also giving away new (physical) NES RPG video game cartridge including professional NES style artwork. This guide includes 300+ pages of exclusive NES artwork (including original box art from Joe Simko, screen shots, and summaries). The Kickstart includes tons of upgrades such as a physical cart for a brand new port for the Retro VGS, Limited Edition NES Box for the video game cartridge, posters, and more! Check out the project for further details. The Complete NES is perfect for all of you NES collectors.

I also picked out some of my favorite gaming merchandise and retro games floating around on the web at the moment.

  • JQStuff has a few vintage Activision video game patches on the ‘bay right now. Command Choppers and Bucket Brigade are going for $9.99 a piece. River Raiders is going for $20. I’ve seen these patches sell at $30 so this may be a good bargain.
  • Complete Red Barron 2 with 3d patch – CIB. The perfect chance to own a classic for the PC! Seller has other awesome PC games like Close Combat trilogy and Neverwinter Nights gold!
  • Portal Aperature Labs Patch – No cake but gloriously nerdy patches instead! Range in price from $5ish to just under $15
  • Terraria Special Edition Xbox One – Includes stickers and all sorts of other swaggy coolness. If you’re obsessed with the Terraria like I am, this is a must!
  • CABBAGE PATCH KIDS Colecovision – Cheap but (supposedly) rare game for the Colecovision. Don’t spend more than $15 on a working copy. So rare that eBay is loaded with bin’s right now…
  • NeoGeo X Gold Limited Edition – The more refined Neo Geo console *twirls monopoly man mustache* 🙂 This is the rare Japanese only release limited edition Neo Geo. Price should be around the $130 range depending on quality and whether it’s still in its original box.
  • Galaga Namco Lanyard – Cool. Current BIN is for $7.95
  • Sonic The Hedgehog Production drawing – Seller claims this is an original production drawing from the Sonic cartoon. Auction is from Japan so US buyer must import. Currently, bidding is just over $20
  • Donkey kong country banner store display – Pretty rare stuff. Currently one BIN on the ‘Bay for $225!

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