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Complete Nintendo Virtual Boy Collection

This thing is a monster, definately the biggest and most complete VB collection I’ve seen offered for sale.

In addition to hardware and accessories like the Blockbuster Rental Case and Mosaic Version Japanese Console Box, it includes:

Demo Games
Red Alarm
Wario Land

Jack Bros
3D Tetris (sealed)
Mario Clash
Vertical force (sealed)
Teleroboxer (sealed)
galactic pinball (sealed)
Panic Bomber (sealed)
Golf (sealed)
Mario’s Tennis
Red Alarm (sealed)
Nester’s Funky Bowling
Baseball (sealed)
Wario Land (sealed)

Japanese games
Mario Clash
V Tetris
Galactic pinball
Jack Bros
Kemco Baseball
Vertical Force
Red Alarm
Insmouse no Yakata
Virtual Fishing
Space Squash
Topidase Panibon
T & E Golf
Wario Land
Mario’s Tennis
Space Invaders
Virtual Lab
SD Gundam Dimension war
Virtual Bowling

So its the bottom line! Ive totted this lot up,having to estimate the value of such likes as the Mosaic set that youll rarely ever see and Virtual Bowling,Ive tried not to be silly,I saw a Virtual Lab sell for £6-700 recently and a V Bowling sold to an offer of £1200 but ive tried to keep to what I feel through my business selling experience are appropriate prices.

I came to a figure of £5500 approx in total,so Im offering the collection for £4999.99.Im sure nobody else would give it away so please DONT email offers,we simply wont reply.Itll have 1 run round ebay,then will be removed and kept.I didnt ever intend selling this but branching out into collecting fields has finally brought me to bear to part with it all 🙁 I will NOT accept offers and will under NO circumstances split the collection,If it does not sell I will NOT sell parts of it seperately,youll have this 1 chance, possibly the only EVER on eBay to buy this staggeringly rare set!!!!!!!

Auction Here (Thanks Shinobi!)

So, ever time I post a complete collection, somone point out something that’s missing. How’s this one look?


Croc: Legend of the Gobbos Promo Leather Backpack
Croc Legend of the Gobbos Promotional T-shirt
Adventures of the Pink Panther Atari 2600 Prototype
Power Lords Atari 2600 Prototype
Sega Exodus 16-bit ( Portable Gaming System)(Thanks 3rdman!)
Child of Eden LED Tee – From PAX (Thanks David!)
Official PlayStation Promotional Metal CufflinksFour well-made metal cufflinks in the shape of the iconic PlayStation button symbols, given to me by Sony in 2004 when I was a video game journalist.
3.5” Floppy Disc Doom Mailorder EditionThis is an original copy of ‘Doom’ for DOS PC, bought by mailorder from id Software in 1993.
Super Mario Bros. Print World PC(Thanks Christian!)


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