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Complete your Horror Collection with Horror Block and Box of Dread Subscriptions

“What’s your favorite scary movie?” Do you guys love horror movies? I went into a full blown, nerd-induced catatonic state when I discovered these horror themed subscription boxes, Horror Block and Box of Dread. This is the perfect time of the year for me to sign up for one of these horror themed box subscriptions, too. These services promise to help you Complete your Horror Collection with Horror Block and Box of Dread Subscriptions. October is right around the corner, so I’ll be watching my trusty copy of Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat like some sort of sick spin off of the A Christmas Story marathon.

Basically, it works like this: you sign up for one of the aforementioned services, and the company sends you a box jam packed full of horror themed collectors items. Box of Dread costs an even $20 per month (which includes shipping) (or $19 if you pay for three month increments). Horror Block is based out of Canada, so shipping prices to different parts of the continental U.S. vary in price. However, the base price is still $20. Horror Block is a bit more cartoonish in its presentation, so you could possibly consider it a bit more age friendly (excluding the graphic horror magazine that mails with every box). HB includes sweet plush toys from The Living Dead, monster stickers, and horror movie shirts. BoD ships with lots of movie promos such as posters and behind the scenes filming video. They’re both pretty awesome, but I personally prefer BoD’s slightly more adult content. Check out these videos about each service:

Anyways, you can sign up for either service in the links I posted above. One of the problems with both services is the fact that they are veritable mystery boxes. You won’t know what you’re paying for until you get it. The manufacturers promise that the boxes items are worth far more than the $20-$50 you pay for them. In fact, most of the horror T Shirts retail around $20 in and of themselves. Still, you may feel unsatisfied with some of the goodies in your subscription. That’s where the magic of eBay comes in. A quick search of either service (BoD or HB) will have you setting up your own boxes valued as much or as little as you wish to pay.

These services inspired us to put together our own little creeper box of horror themed trinkets. Don’t forget to include a supposedly haunted item to complete the collection!

Cereal Killers Collectors Box

It T-Shirt

Red Death Premium Format Figures

The Exorcist Movie Poster

The Silence of the Lambs

Haunted Crap

The Exorcist PosterCereal Killers CardsThe Silence of the Lambs Special EditionIt T-Shirt




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