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Creative 3DO Blaster COMPLETE CIB PC Card 3D0

Dig up and dust off your old computer, and buy a Creative CR-563 CD-ROM because you’re gonna need it! Up for grabs is a practically NIB 3DO Blaster by Creative. Back in 1994, during the height of the console wars between Nintendo and Sega, there was the 3DO. Because of the $699 price tag, and mediocre (debatable I know!) selection of games,  it just never caught on. In order to try to break into the PC market, Panasonic partnered with Creative to release this ISA expansion board to allow users a dedicated 3DO experience on the PC. It wasn’t merely an emulator on a board, but virtually the entire chipset and GPU resided on this card! Which resulted in virtually no performance impact. One minor caveat was that it required the CD-ROM drive above, not included. All-in-all, a must-buy for most collectors, and apparently difficult to find.

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