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Custom Lego Video Game Characters Minifigs

Lego’s are awesome. Why haven’t they Lego-ized video game characters and their world yet is beyond me. Yeah sure they have Lego Star Wars, the now defunct Lego Batman, and Lego Harry Potter (game comes out this year). But at least Prince of Persia (though based on the movie) might be able to change all of that.

These Lego custom minifigs have exploded quite recently. Alot of sellers/artist are making video game characters which could sometimes be extremely cool or just downright weird.

Here’s a few of cool ones i’ve found:

4 Pack – Mario, Luigi, Wario & Waluigi Lot (they also sell them individually – these are by far the best ones i’ve seen of Mario characters)
Koopa Paratroopa Minifig
Shy Guy
Donkey Kong
Bullet Bill (this seller actually has a lot more)

other video game character minifigs:

Halo Spartan EVA w/ Weapons, Blue Master Chief, & Call of Duty MW Ghost Ver 3

If you can’t bite the custom minifig’s prices, you can actually buy Lego bricks and parts on their website. It’s really not that hard to do if you’re a little handy and artistic. I made 3 of them (Mario, Luigi and Peach) last December to give to my son for Christmas and he absolutely loved them. It should cost you no more than $2 for a full body including the hat.

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