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Custom Video Game My Little Ponies

My Little Pony? Yup, that’s right. On the off chance you’ve never heard of them, they’re a brand of toy ponies marketed primarily to young girls. It was massively popular in the 80’s and again when they were relaunched in the early 2000’s.

Turns out that there’s a rather large community committed to creating Custom My Little Pony toys. One customizer in particular caught my eye recently with their Team Fortress 2 The Spy Pony (Sold for $76.00).

That seller has done a ton of other characters as showcased in their Deviantart Portfolio. It’s rather large, so I’m showcasing the best below.

Highlights include Sonic and Tails, Master Chief, Link (and Navi), Squall Leonhart, ViVi, Red XII, Shiva (Summon from Final Fantasy X), Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Vincent Valentine, a Moogle, Ifrit (Summon from FFVIII)and last, but definitely not least, the Final Fantasy VII Bahamut – which is hard to believe is based on a MLP.

Oh, and if you want to pick one up? I found this live BIN from another seller for a Custom Bowser My Little Pony. It is simultaneously hideous and awesome. Agreed?

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