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Customized Bullet Buttons

I’m really speechless about this item. I was going to make a pun about the Winchester rifle being the gun that won the west, but I’d rather not.. Maybe someone out there can explain this better 🙂

From the description:

For sale is one full set of Custom made Winchester Brass 9mm Luger bullet cases to replace A, B, X, Y Buttons + 300 WSM guide button and the two 20ga thumb sticks. Unlike our competition, no glue is required! The button’s slip into their designated slot. We do INCLUDE the thumb-sticks, not just the 20 GA caps. These are ready to put in and need no other bits.These have been made in such a way to slot into the place where A, B, X, Y are and the guide button and is going to make your controller look one of a kind!

Unfortunately these buttons are just buttons, they do not include the actual controller so you would have to install it yourself. Upon finding this 2 days ago, I actually didn’t realize that there a whole bunch of them listed on eBay. Check it out.

Link to auction (1 day to go)


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