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Daiei Hawks Nintendo 64 N64 Console Orange NTSC-J Japanese Import System

There are two Japanese only consoles that were exclusive to specific stores. One was the Jusco 30th anniversary, which was only sold in Jusco stores and this one, the Daiei Hawks. They are a baseball team from Fukuoka. This console uses their colors and was only available in the Daiei store (the supermarket company owning the team).

It features an orange translucent top, and a black translucent bottom, very similar to the Fire Orange and Smoke Black Nintendo 64, although not the same.

This is often considered the second rarest N64 console in existence, surpassed only by the forementioned Jusco N64.

Apparently, the system is very prone to fake which this helpful video explains.

Auction Here – The last couple I have seen have been in the $300 range and included games, so a decent deal as it stands. No controller or box however.

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