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Quick Update on Super Rare Piplup Edition Nintendo DS Lite Daisuki Club

Hey, guys. Hope you all had a great weekend. We’ll cover the LVL Up expo soon. For now, I wanted to point all of you to a new listing on eBay for an ultra rare Nintendo DS Lite Daisuki Club Piplup edition recently sent to me by Pokemaniac.

Daisuki Club

I know a lot of these listings throw around the word Rare. Well, only 40 of these Piplup DS lite’s were made.  This one happens to be in near mint condition. Unfortunately, it’s missing the original manual though it does include the original box in fairly decent condition. So, this listing is nearly complete and in good shape.

These Daisuki Club models are exactly the same as the standard DS lite. They just happen to have official Pokemon artwork on the outer side of the console and the box. Definitely check out the images below. I’ve seen these Daisuki Club editions sell on the bay in the $100 – $400 range this year. However, so far this year, all of the listings have been the far more common Pikachu and Giratina models. I can’t remember ever seeing a model with this Pokemon since I’ve run this site. So trust me when I say this stuff is ULTRA RARE.

That brings us to the price tag. If you’re serious, the seller is located in France. BIN price is set for 4,000 Euros (or roughly $4,520). Seller is also willing to exchange for an equally rare console. Keep in mind, the seller wants something that is worth an equal value. I know this is pricey. But, hey, if ya gotta catch em all, right?

Check out the Piplup edition in question here. You can also compare this listing to general Daisuki Club models here.

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