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Damaged Merch–Could it be the New Collecting Craze?

This Skate Board has honestly been haunting me for some time now…it has been listed on e-bay multiple times and I really wish someone would buy it just so I don’t have to see it again! While this is the only one I have ever seen, the condition on it is terrible. But maybe with the reemergence of jeans with intentional rips and holes in them, perhaps damaged video game merchandise items will be the new rage for collecting?

NES Era Mario Suitcase
SNES Burn-In Test Cart: Overpriced, but with a best offer option.
Legend of Zelda: OoT Postcard
GBA Classic Series Retail Kit
This ebay seller has some nice looking promo items up for sale
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat 3D Puzzle

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