Dead Rising 2 Promos

Dead Rising 2 is going to be released on the 28th of this month. I absolutely loved the original, and as I write this, I`m waiting for the Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Demo to finishing downloading. As I wait, I figured I would look over some of the nice swag the series has seen.

The actual game is seeing several Collector Editions when it launches.

The NA Zombrex Edition includes a fake syringe of the Zombrex medicine featured in the game plot, along with an accompanying safety information card, a Zombrex-labeled steelcase, a sales brochure, and a prescription pad. The360 version also comes with the Zombrex Dead Rising Sun movie whereas the PS3 version has a voucher for a Dead Rising 2 XrossMediaBar dynamic theme and a behind the scenes featurette.

The Outbreak Pack, which is exclusive to Europe, features a red box and a twelve inch zombie figurine complete with interchangeable heads (among other art related things). It seems that Australia will get both editions, but they will actually be limited – 700 units each.

Anyways, here are some cool promo stuff related to the series.

Greene`s Hardware Dead Rising 2 Shirt (M) – This shirt was given away in limited quantities at an exclusive Dead Rising 2 release party thrown by Capcom during the weekend of PAX 2010. There`s also an XL for a third of the price.
Dead Rising Final Capture Maniacs Japanese Official Strategy Guide
Dead Rising Willamette Mall Promo Brochures – These were only handed out as promotional items at GameStop during the release of the original game.
Sealed Dead Rising XBOX 360 Non Players Hits – I think the seller is very optimistic on the value of this.
Dead Rising 2 Promo Poster – This was given out at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con Capcom booth and is hand signed by the Executive producer and Producer of the Dead Rising franchise.
Dead Rising 2 Soundtrack
Dead Rising 2 Large 2 Sided Map Poster – This poster was limited in Japan only.
Dead Rising 2 Advertisement Sheet – Another PAX 2010 promo, this features in game items in a flyer format.
Capcom Dead Rising 2 Bobble/Figure Promo – This is my favorite item. Given away at PAX 2010, you had to get 250 kills in the demo. This one sold for $45.00.
Dead Rising 2 Kadoya Racing Jacket – One thing I love about Japan and Capcom is the ridiculously overpriced game tie in apparel – like this racing Jacket.


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