Dead Space Gun Replica

As cosplay across the globe gets more and more popular every year, more and more companies are starting to catch on. No more should you have to pay and rent a Storm Trooper costume for $300-$500 when you can buy it for less than that or better yet, make it yourself. From helmets to their tools of destruction, these things have definitely come a long way.

Dead Space is one of the most popular games in the survival horror genre. In fact, it’s probably the only game that is still keeping the genre alive. Quite sad actually.. Shame on you Capcom..

Entertainment Earth has 2 gun replicas for Dead Space fans including a nice briefcase just in case you want to travel with it. I guess so you walk around looking like you just missed your bus coming home from ComicCon several months ago.. One of the key features of the gun is that it lights up 🙂 . No word as to making pew-pew noises are required.

The plasma cutter used by Isaac Clarke on Dead Space 2 can be pre-ordered right now at $219 and the plasma gun for Dead Space 1 at $239. Both of these are due out in March 2011 (theres no set date?)

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