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One of a Kind Destiny Hawkmoon Gun 3D Printed Replica

Hi all! Kimpossible here, back again to talk a little Destiny with ya. About a year and a half ago, we talked about the release of Bungie’s Destiny, here’s a reminder in case you don’t remember. Destiny was one of the best games of 2014 that earned half a BILLION dollars in sales within the first 24 hours after it went on sale. It may not have had the best plot, but the gameplay was phenomenal. I’m a big fan of Halo, and Bungie as a whole for the most part, so this was a welcome addition to my collection. I don’t know if I can say that it lived up to ALL the hype, but it’s still a great game. I felt pretty ecstatic when I found this Destiny Hawkmoon gun replica on Ebay!

Like so many games out there, cosplay items started popping up all over the place. Thanks to today’s tech, we can create authentic looking 3D printed cosplay. The most common things we see printed are the weapons. Since it is a shooter game, the Destiny guns are kind of a big deal. Who wouldn’t want to have their very own (replica of course)? We found one such gun: check out the Destiny Hawkmoon Gun 3D printed replica. This one of a kind item is perfect to display or include in your cosplay get up. The seller lists it as print to order so the one you buy is made specifically for you, there won’t be a ton of these floating around out there. A few other items are available from this seller, including a Destiny Thorn Gun. If you’re into cosplay, head on over to Etsy where you’ll find tons of good stuff. There are listings for a variety of additional weapons, including other Destiny cosplay guns, as well as parts and pieces to put outfit yourself for Destiny.

Destiny Hawkmoon

Old School Shooter Games

While we’re talking about shooter games. I’m reminded of some older shooter games, games like 1993’s Doom. This is the game where today’s first person shooter games evolved from. Doom has seen three incarnations since its creation. The latest Doom is scheduled to come out in less than two weeks, I look forward to seeing it in action. We can go even further back to games like Space Invaders and Asteroids. I would have to say that one of my favorites was always Duck Hunt, complete with the gun controller. Who can forget that pixelated dog that showed you your kill, or laughed at your every failure? I knew a lot of people who went duck hunting in the real world, this game was always enough for me.

Check out some of these collectibles I dug up in conjunction to the Destiny Hawkmoon gun:

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