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Developers Release Super Boss Gaiden, First Game To Lost Prototype Console SNES CD

Last month (that would be July of 2016), Homebrew Brawler released a new game out into the world. These are the same people responsible for 2014’s Jet Pilot Rising and known for graphics reminiscent of Mega Man X and River City Ransom. The game is called Super Boss Gaiden. In the game, you play as the enraged Sony CEO on a tirade taking out anyone and everyone (basically all of the Sony employees) in your path of death and destruction. Your life meter is your heart rate, be sure not to calm down–gotta keep that heart rate sky high.

The game was made for the SNES CD, or what you may have heard referred to as the Nintendo Play Station. If you refer back to our previous GameSniped article on the SNES CD, you’ll find the whole story behind this console/add-on/prototype. It makes the game pretty meta, considering all of the problems and the presumed bad blood between Nintendo and Sony. Thanks to the release of reverse engineered SNES CD prototype hardware and the BIOS files Super Boss Gaiden can be downloaded as a SNES ROM (or is it a Play Station ROM?) as well as a SNES CD image file. The Super Nintendo ROM can be played on the original hardware (using a flash cartridge) while the SNES CD can be played on an emulator (this one is recommended).

I’m also throwing in a few interesting things I came across:

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