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Discount Final Fantasy Contest Orb

You’ve probably seen the $150,000.00 Final Fantasy Orb on eBay. The seller has been relisting it for over a year at prices no one is willing to pay.

Today is your lucky day however! Now, you can own a Final Fantasy Orb for a mere $65,000.00 (OBO). Plus, if you act now, you receive not one – but TWO bonus items. The first is a set of Final Fantasy control overlay stickers which were also sent out as part of this contest. The second is a Spyro Ripto’s Rage Orb sent out as a press promo.

Knowing the seller, he’s probably willing to part with this at a semi reasonable price. I have no idea what that may be however. There has been no Final Fantasy collectible which has sold for over $1,850.00 (Limited Edition Statue) at open auction in the past year. Does anyone know of any FF items which fetch more? I don’t know what would be considered a holy grail to a Final Fantasy fan, but this has to be up there. Could spark some interest in a NES collector as well, given the era of the contest.

This contest itself ran for the original Final Fantasy and only 50 crystal orbs were made and distributed worldwide. It is made of solid lead crystal and is etched with the the Final Fantasy log and a shield with a crossed axe and sword are etched above.


Nine Foot Halo Reach Poster
Fallout Vegas Promotional Dice – Apparently EU only promotional item.
Atari Quadrun CIB – R9. One of the four Atari Club games available exclusively via mail order from Atari, this title may have been available later in stores in very limited quantities. This is one of the most rare games from Atari, as only approximately 10,000 were initially made. According to programmer Steve Woita, the game was play-tested by a group of young girls. Not surprisingly, they did not like the game and found it too difficult, so Atari decided not to heavily distribute the game.
Atari 2600 River Patrol – Another R9. According to the auction there is speculation that as few as six copies may be in circulation among collectors. This is the second in two years. It is unclear why the game is so rare, though it may have had do with the trouble engineers had programming the game to licensing problems over the arcade game, as well as its 1984 post-video game crash release date. The game also holds the distinction of being one of the few 2600 titles with music. Players must navigate a large boat down a river strewn with obstacles.
Space Channel 5 Sega Dreamcast Press Kit – The kit includes a PC disc with screenshots and art files for Space Channel 5 and other Dreamcast titles, a 2 page press release and a Space Channel 5 lunchbox style tin.
Turbografx-16 Jacket – Under $20 endeding today! I would totally wear this.
Centipede Atari 2600 Uncut Playing Cards – This would be cool framed.
Uncharted Drake’s Fortune 2007 PS3 Press Kit – Press kit comes in a book shape boxed that looks like a diary and opens up like one. Under a couple of pages, the box hollows out and included inside are a letter, a map, a booklet, a postcard (with holes to help decode “secret messages”), a disc labeled “press disc” (comes in a black slip case labeled “property of Nathan Drake”), an official soundtrack to the video game sampler CD from DJ Shadow, and then one more disc in a TDK case labeled “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – Final Review Code”.


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